Marie Stopes, Eugenicist

Marie Stopes, Eugenicist The founder of Marie Stopes International left a legacy rivalled only by Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger: the belief that discrimination on the basis of race, wealth and wantedness is the right of women and that they are only truly...

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Live and Let Die?

Live and Let Die?   The Victorian Story So Far Last June, the Legislative Council Legal and Social issues Committee released their report into End of Life Choices. The report recommended legalising assisted dying within a supposedly strict framework. A similar...

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The Other 364 Days

The Other 364 Days Marches and rallies can be a great chance for pro-life people to get together and support each other. They build the movement as we swap notes about our various forms of work or just take some time out together. They are a chance to celebrate the...

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