The Video the Yes Side Doesn't Want You to See

The Video the Yes Side Doesn’t Want You To See

[Updated 08/09/17. Since this article was published a few days ago, Channel 9 has announced that the episode in question will got to air next Sunday, September 10th. We’ll never know if the reason for its initial failure to air was actually due to ‘production issues’, as they have since stated, or whether it was related to the marriage debate. Similarly, we may never know if the decision to air on Sunday is because the ‘production issues’ have been dealt with, or whether it was due to pressure from this article. In either case, the 17,000 people who have viewed my article this week, now know a little more about why the No side is against redefinition of marriage and its consequences, such as radical gender theory being taught in schools. Ed.]

A friend of mine caught an interesting tv promo on video last week. The promo was for a 60 Minutes episode due to air the following Sunday night. It was the story of an Australian mother who gave her own eostrogen tablets to her 12-year-old son, in order to help him ‘transition’ into a girl. The young man eventually realised that he didn’t really want to be a girl, and has apparently tried to go back to living as his biological gender. Unfortunately, the poor boy now has breasts, thanks to his mother’s interference. As a pharmacist friend of mine noted, giving prescription drugs to another person is illegal, and this mother could be charged on that count alone.

The story looked to be a tragic confirmation of the harm done to young people when they are encouraged to ‘transition’.

Rather than given the support they need to deal with some identity confusion – confusion, I might add, that is almost always temporary – even young children are now encouraged to change gender. This kind of dangerous ideology is part of the Safe Schools program: and teachers and doctors can allow children to undergo transition without parental consent.

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My friend share the promo on Facebook, and perhaps unsurprisingly, found that it had been removed from several places. I say ‘unsurprisingly’ because more than a few friends have had similar experiences lately: posts can’t be shared, comments don’t always appear, and there has been an increase in flagged comments, usually those related to defending real marriage.

But the real shock came on Sunday night.

When viewers checked in on Sunday night to watch the promised episode, they were more than surprised to see that it didn’t go to air, and no explanation was given as to why that particular episode had been omitted. Obviously, 60 Minutes was under pressure not to air the program due to the influence it would have on the marriage plebiscite. The promo is not on their website nor is the full episode.

So not only do we have fake news, but we now also have disappearing factual news.

The Video

Somewhere in the bowels of Channel 9 there is a video which is a powerful testimony for the NO side. It may never see the light of day now. Here is the promo which was caught on video by my canny friend. Please watch it and share as widely as you can, while we’re able to do so. And don’t forget to click here for marriage-debate resources for your church and click here to find out how you can stop the Safe Schools program.

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