Bill Leak’s Last Speech

Cartoonist Bill Leak gave this speech at the launch of his book, ‘Trigger-Warning.” Two days later, he was dead, as a result of a suspected heart attack. His speech is reproduced here as it embodies all that he was, and all he stood for. May he rest in...

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18C: Revenge of the Snowflakes

18C: Revenge of the Snowflakes Conservatives may laugh about the childish intolerance of Generation Snowflake, but in reality, we have much to fear if they are allowed to continue to wield their latest weapon:18C. In fact, it could be argued that cartoonist Bill...

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The Protected Perverts

The Protected Perverts. There are two sorts of perverts. Those that are villified and those that are lauded.  OK, a third too: those that are simply ignored.  The past year and the past week has shown what the media can do to perverts. Priests and pederasts,...

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