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Hi, I’m Kathy Clubb, founder and editor of The Freedoms Project.

I’m a mother of 13 children, and am passionate about defending life and the freedoms we cherish in Australia. You might be familiar with my Catholic, pro-life website, Light Up the Darkness. This is where I began to write about abortion, buffer-zones and also uniquely Catholic issues.

But in recent times, I’ve come to see that many of the problems Australians are facing are not unique to Catholics. All Christian denominations are under threat of discrimination, and even penalty, for simply professing Christianity.

I’ve become concerned that the rights of those who seek to kill little babies, corrupt our children and discriminate against Christians are more protected than the rights of pro-life, pro-family conservatives. In fact, I care so much about ending abortion and protecting our freedoms, that I was willing to risk arrest in order to challenge the unjust abortuary exclusion zones in my state.

So, I’ve assembled some of the most dedicated culture warriors from around the country to write under the name of The Freedoms Project, to

  • expose threats to our freedoms
  • expose the abortion industry and explode the myth of ‘choice’
  • educate Australians about their rights and responsibilities

It is my sincere hope that The Freedoms Project will contribute to the growing movement of Australians who want to see our country acknowledge its Christian heritage and return to the values on which Australia was founded.