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Sunday, 23 September 2018 21:27

Three Women Talk about Implanon

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I’d had the implanon for around 5 years in total. So I requested to have it taken out immediately, as I wanted to know if I was actually sick or if it was the implanon in causing the mood swings. It was removed, and within a month I felt like I was myself again, the mood swings soon stopped and I knew I was fine. Fighting the bipolar diagnosis was difficult, it took three years for the military to classify me as fit/well again, during this time I lost promotion prospects, a financial retention bonus ($12,000) I would have received if I was ‘healthy’, and posting opportunities. The whole situation was incredibly tough to go through.

My little boy was scared of me

The implanon made me a person I was very scared of and had no control over. I had the implanon in and out since I was sixteen, now 28....apparently they had changed what's in it, so it was different from my previous ones which worked fine.
Made me constantly angry, snappy and hateful to my children and husband. Felt worthless and like everyone would be better of without me.
My brain started to try and get me to do things: I was holding my 4 month old baby and I kept getting this massive urge to throw him!!! It's crazy I would never ever hurt my babies.....I got so scared I begged my husband not to leave me alone with them as I was scared in case I hurt them.
I would have bad thoughts. I would daydream seeing my 5 year old fall from his top window and blood on everything and day dream me pushing my pram into traffic .....I never slept, I used to just stare and going into my own little world...couldn't keep up with housework and couldn't leave the house because I felt everyone was laughing at me. I would have angry melt downs over anything  = the smallest things. Couldn't cope with life and just wanted to die.
Was convinced my husband was cheating on me I would check his phone - even check his boxers. Resented him and treated him like a cheat.
My husband went to the clinic and asked if they could take it out, as he worried I was going to hurt myself. They came back with an appointment for a month's time. He had to be very stern and said, 'She won't be here in a month'
So for two weeks I had to fight these demons off.....they were reluctant to take it out but they did ....
Four to five hours after it was out, my head was so clear! The mess in my head was gone. I was so calm and relaxed and my family got me 5 year old said he hated that other mummy: 'She scared me'.
Breaks my heart.
I now don't trust any contraception.
I felt like I should have been sectioned.

The doctor told me I had to have Implanon

I have had Implanon before (eleven years ago, as a teenager). The doctor didn't explain any of the side effects of the rod, so naturally I was frightened by the sudden mood swings and non-stop bleeding for 3 months. I had it removed.
Last year in June, I discovered I was pregnant for the first time. I wasn't pregnant for long before miscarrying. After this occurred, it was suggested that I get contraception (it was kind of pushed on me) by both my partner and my doctors. (I didn't have it because I had reasons to believe that I was infertile). The lady doctor (not my regular gp) asked me what I wanted. I asked for an IUD, and she told me, "No, I'm giving you Implanon, IUD is a last resort." I've had the rod since 14/08/2017.
After getting the implant, I experienced dizziness, nausea, fatigue and non-stop bleeding. My gp put me on Evelyn [an oral contracpetive] to stop these symptoms, and it worked for all but the bleeding. I was put on Primolut [synthetic hormone] for the bleeding during June this year, and the bleeding stopped. A week after I started the Primolut, I experienced terrible stomach pain. It didn't go away when I finished the Primolut, and I still have it today. The bleeding also returned.
It took two emergency trips, three doctor's appointments, loss of a job (mine) and two referrals before someone (a gynaecologist) finally said I needed surgery to see why I have pain, the Implanon needs to come out and I'll get my IUD. This has been booked for October.