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Friday, 26 January 2018 10:32

"I Don't Care if I Die, I Am Not Going to Kill Our Baby"

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Kirk is very concerned about the introduction of bubble-zones in Australia, realising that these laws cost innocent lives. You can follow the Barkers' Facebook page to stay up to date with their work.     

"I Don't Care if I Die, I Am Not Going to Kill Our Baby"

I was a happy go lucky type of guy.  Before my wife and I got married, we did what most young couples would do. We enjoyed our dates. Every week we would dine out, go to the movies, or participate in other fun events.
Then one day my wife became very sick. She couldn't stop vomiting. After a few days of this, she took a pregnancy test. We were young, completely unprepared and scared because we didn't know what to expect, yet, we were excited.
My wife became so sick she ended up losing 42 pounds in one month. She was hospitalized most of this month. Eventually the doctor told us "There is nothing more that I can do. If you don't terminate the pregnancy, she will die." Unfortunately we took his advice. We went to the abortion center the day of the procedure.  As we approached the abortion center, we saw sidewalk advocates standing out side. They stood there with their signs. We heard many negative stories about sidewalk advocates. As one approached, my wife couldn't help but think, are they going to yell at me? Are they going to judge me?
Actually, the sidewalk advocates were quite the opposite. The person we encountered was very nice, caring, and compassionate. He pleaded with us not to go through with the procedure. We explained to him what was happening to my wife and that the doctor gave us no alternative or my wife would die. He apologized and prayed for us, but we continued to walk into the abortion center.
My wife checked in. She was given a clipboard with paperwork to fill out. My wife sat their holding the clipboard with tears flowing down here face. She sat there sad, desperate, and so weak she could barely stand on her own. Then God intervened and my wife looked at me and said "I don't care if I die, I am not going to kill our baby." I stood up relieved and thankful for my wife having the strength to protect our child even if the doctor said she would die. Our friend and I helped her stand up and helped her walk to the car. Two weeks later, God healed my wife and today we have a handsome, intelligent 15 year old son whom we dearly love. Had a bubble law been in effect, our son would not be here today.  Had bubble laws been in place, then our story would have a tragic ending. 
We urge you, protect life by protecting pro-life sidewalk counselors who save lives like our son.
Written by Kirk Barker, Founder