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Monday, 30 September 2019 20:53

Korean hospital aborts wrong mother's child

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Korean hospital aborts wrong mother's child Image by pixabay - Parentingupstream

Court claims human babies aren't human beings.

A hospital in Seoul, South Korea, mixed up two patients, killing an innocent child in the process. One patient was scheduled for an abortion, the other for intravenous prenatal vitamins to ensure the health of her baby following a positive pregnancy test.

Instead of vitamins, the Vietnamese mother was given sedatives through her IV. While under anesthesia, her healthy child was ripped from her womb by an abortionist.

After returning home, still unaware that her child had been killed, she began to bleed. Upon returning to the hospital, she was informed that her baby had been aborted.

In April of this year, South Korea’s Constitutional Court struck down protections for people awaiting their birth, stripping them of their human rights. To accomplish this, the Korean court echoed the United States Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, wrongfully claiming that human babies living in the womb are not human beings.

Because of this ruling, no charges for accidental homicide can be levied. In fact, the best this mother can hope for is compensation for professional negligence. There will be no justice for the wrongful death of her son or daughter, no judicial punishment for the destruction of her family.

Since we now live in a world where human beings are no longer human beings, little care or concern is exercised when an innocent human life is snuffed out. Abortion is a cultural plague that has resulted in the termination of over one billion innocent human lives.

If you are intelligent enough to know that a baby in the womb is a person, join us in the fight to restore their humanity.

Change begins with you.


Cultureshift isn’t defined by a group or an organization. It consists of those who value true human equality and are willing to fearlessly defend the most vulnerable among us from a belief that some lives matter less than others. If you are willing to share the truth about abortion, then you are a part of this movement.

The greatest threat to truth is fear. Cultureshift is about courage in the face of fear. Those who wish to continue the destruction of innocent human life through abortion shroud themselves in euphemisms designed to obfuscate the reality of what they advocate for. We are here to push back and push back hard. We are here to restore the idea that parents should sacrifice for their children, not sacrifice their children.

We will never apologize for speaking the truth and protecting the lives of the forsaken, the unwanted, and the unloved. Until all human beings possess human rights, we will be here. We will forever remain unafraid, unashamed, and unrelenting in this pursuit.

Join the movement to restore our lost humanity.


Cultureshift mission statement:

End the tragedy of abortion by showing the world the unfiltered truth about what it does to our mothers, our fathers, our families, our societies, our cultures, and most importantly, our children.