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Thursday, 19 March 2020 07:45

World's worst abortion law is smuggled in under Covid-19 cover

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World's worst abortion law is smuggled in under Covid-19 cover Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

We wake on the Solemnity of St Joseph, patron saint of families, to the news that New Zealand is now a world leader in baby-killing.

It's done. Like a dinner. So is New Zealand's future. Last night our Members of Parliament voted 120 to 69 to stop the heartbeat of our nation. 
  • Abortion up to birth. 
  • Sex-selective abortion. 
  • Abortion for teenagers, on their own say-so. 
  • Abortion for Down Syndrome babies - 

One of the most heinous abortion regimes in the world has been hustled up and smuggled in while we "smug, lazy" Kiwis were oohing and aahing about coronavirus and rushing round the supermarket buying instant noodles and loo paper in the hope that will save our lives, should Godzone's media hype live up to its own expectations.

Even the most ardent advocates for the unborn - traditional, faithful Catholics - may have had their backs inadvertently turned on developments in Parliament, disturbed as we are by the dreaded recession and its effects on business and the work force; not to mention the ghastly prospect of Jacindarella rising from the highly-anticipated ashes of a richly-deserved defeat at the polls in September, to coast back into government on the wave of her big spend-up on beneficiaries. 

Don't tell me that the Devil doesn't know what he's doing.

Rad trads - myself among them - were oohing and aahing too, especially at the news that six priests have died in the town of Bergamo, Italy, a city best known as the birthplace of Pope John XXIII, who launched the pending disaster of Vatican II on an unsuspecting Church. 

So don't tell me that God does not chastise, either. 

This legislation means babies will be born live after botched abortions and left to die:

  • Without painkillers. 
  • Because it's a girl and Mum and Dad wanted a boy. 
  • Because it's Down Syndrome. 
  • Because the baby's mother was coerced or downright bullied into killing her child.


The irony of it all - which as far as I know has completely escaped the NZ Conference of Catholic Bishops, busied as they are with reading 'Health' Department instructions, unscrewing water fonts and sending purificators to the drycleaners - is this: this evil legislation, which will plunge New Zealanders like so many possessed pigs into a lake of trauma and disaster, was passed on the vigil of the feast of St Joseph, patron saint of families.

"St. Joseph, who felt the tribulation and worry of a parent when the child Jesus was lost, protect our dear children for time and eternity. May you be their father and counsellor. Let them, like Jesus, grow in age as well as in wisdom and grace before God and men. Preserve them from the corruption of his world, and give us the grace one day to be united with them in Heaven forever. Amen."