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Friday, 17 May 2019 22:05

Scott Morrison on Religious Freedom

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 In many regards, it may be true that there is litle difference between the major parties. But Scott Morrison is at least ostensibly in favour of religious freedom. The following is taken from a letter from Mr Morrison to the head of Christian Schools Australia, and was written in response to questions about potential discrimination against such schools, regarding, among other things, hiring of staff.

"I believe there is not more fundamental right than the right to decide what you believe or do not believe. That means Australians of faith should be free to hold and practise that faith without fear of discrimination against them. And that is why my government is committed to providing Australians of religious belief with protections equivalent to those guaranteed in relation to other protected attributes under COmmonwealth anti-discrimination law. Nobody in Australia should suffer discrimination on the basis of their identity, including their religious identity.

I have committed to introducing a Religious Discrimination bill if re-elected. the law will make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of a person's religious belief or activity, including on the basis that a person does not hold any religious belief or does not engage in any religious activity.

 ..... As I have pointd out, at the last Parliament, Bill Shorten himself sponsored legislation that could effectively censor what could be taught be religious bodies. To make matters worse, Mr Shorten refused my advice to allow a conscience vote on the issue. He wanted Labor members to toe the line, regardless of their deeply held convictions.


[Scroll down to read the entire letter.]