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Wednesday, 19 June 2019 11:12

Religious Freedom Campaign from the ICS

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Religious Freedom Campaign from the ICS Photo by Wendy van Zyl from Pexels

Many organisations around Australia are attempting to pressure the Morrison government into legislating to protect religious freedom. Of special concern is the attempt by the Greens and the ALP to remove 'religious exemptions' in anti-discrimination law. The ICS (Institute for Civil Society) has released a video and briefing paper to provide resources so that we can become more informed and also reach out to politicians. 

Below is their short video on religious freedom, made in April at St. John's Cathedral in Parramatta. Mark Sneddon, who presented along with John Anderson AO and John Steenhoff, discusses Religious Freedom provisions in Anti-Discrimination Law.



The ICS have asked that the following be brought to the attention of concerned members of the public:

Following the re-election of the Morrison Coalition government, there is a great opportunity to press the government to:

  • quickly implement their December 2018 commitments to religious freedom in their long-delayed response to the Ruddock Expert Panel Report of May 2018
  • bring forward the timing of delivery of some of those commitments instead of pushing many into 2020 and beyond as proposed
  • go further than those existing commitments on some issues.
  • The ALP should also be pressed to reconsider the non-committal approach it took to the election on the Ruddock recommendations and wider religious freedom issues.

Link to the ICS briefing paper: ICSNoteonReligiousFreedomAgenda--190619.pdf

For more information, please see the numerous articles on this website by Professor Neil Foster, under the Religious Freedom tab in the menu.