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Wednesday, 08 September 2021 08:33

The Berejiklian Government Must Go

Written by Anonymous

Things are moving rapidly towards totalitarianism in New South Wales.  Other States will surely follow.  This is a letter from a concerned citizen to Mrs Tanya Davies, a NSW Liberal MP with a conscience.  It is a desperate appeal for Australian politicians of moral spine to step forward to defend our freedoms, before it is too late.

Dear Mrs Davies
I am a deeply concerned citizen of NSW and the Commonwealth.
I must record in the strongest possible terms my disgust and dismay at the policies implemented or promised by the executive of the NSW government (principally Miss Berejiklian and Mr Hazzard, two key players in the abortion disgrace of a few years ago), via public health orders with no parliamentary let alone electoral oversight, regarding the COVID-19 vaccinations.
I consider the situation engendered by these policies and the inflammatory rhetoric of our federal and state politicians to have placed our polity in grave peril, creating divisions and effects that will be decades in working themselves out.
This a government that must go.

The fundamental principle that vaccination be voluntary has been eclipsed, especially in Sydney. Policies which rest for their efficacy on vaccination passports and which require a vaccination to be taken in order to provide for one's family or simply to actualise one's potential, undermine two principal norms of medical ethics (confidentiality and informed consent). The voluntary nature of vaccination use becomes illusory in circumstances where one's job, freedom of movement and freedom of association depend upon being vaccinated. 
Equally odious is the prospect that a distinct sub-class of people will be excluded from society based on their health and vaccination status (it is entirely foreseeable that a person cannot or should not for reasons of health take the vaccine: these will simply be prevented from participating in common life, as will those who for conscientious and prudential reasons decide against vaccination). One's freedom and enjoyment of civil liberty does not and cannot depend on whether one has undertaken a health procedure.
Many good citizens are horrified by the coercive nature of the Government's policies and are talking seriously about leaving this country. I implore you to do all that you can to overturn the Berejiklian Government's COVID-19 policies, restore our freedoms and seek to unify a sadly depressed and fractured economy and society.
I thank you for reading this email.
Yours sincerely,

A Concerned Citizen