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Saturday, 31 July 2021 07:51

Australian Prime Minister says Take the Jab or Else

Written by Rev The Hon Fred Nile MLC

Fred Nile says enough is enough, and invites all who cherish freedom to respectfully remind the Prime Minister of his obligations to his citizens.


Australian Prime Minister says

Take the jab or else!

July 30, 2021

Since 1977 the Christian Democratic Party has supported your right to make an informed decision on vaccination based on personal faith and individual research. 

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has made a truly shocking statement on 3AW with Neil Mitchell:

“We’d have to have more restrictions on people who are unvaccinated because they’re a danger to themselves and others,” he said.

“If you’re not vaccinated you present a greater health risk to yourself and to others than people who are vaccinated … and public health decisions will have to be made on that basis.”

This is an attack on your right to choose your own medical treatment. What happened to our basic freedoms? People are feeling scared. Some are terrified, daunted and confused. People are feeling unsafe.

In a study compiled by the Centre for Disease Control in 2015 the rate of deaths following vaccination areexceptionally rare. However, since beginning of the Australian Covid-19 vaccine rollout to July 29 the TGA has received 407 reports of deathand 43 811 adverse reactions following vaccination. In New South Wales 67 people have died following infection with Covid-19 since the pandemic began in 2020.

How did this trial‘vaccine’ get provisional approval? The simple fact is that Covid-19 vaccines are not able to fully prevent infection and transmission of the virus. We respectfully express concern over the current official statistics.

This is an attack on your right to your own body. This is an attack on your freedom. Never in our history has free speech been so zealously shut down.

The Prime Minister hasn’t made vaccination mandatory but he has committed to restricting your rights until you do vaccinate. 

What restrictions the Prime Minister is alluding to is currently unknown.

The Christian Democratic Party is appalled by this outrageous attack on the liberty of Australians. We are utterly opposed. We call upon all members, supporters, friends and otherwise to contact the Prime Minister and condemn this appalling breach of faith with the Australian people. 

Yours faithfully,

Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC